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I am back to almost normal health and am going to ride again this Sept. 10 and 11.  The past couple of years I supported by Amateur Radio.   I have pledged to raise $1000 and ride 50 miles each day.  I have now raised over 50%.  Please donate to my ride if you can.  Can accept check at the next meeting made to Multiple Sclerosis Society or on line go to click on donate and enter my name John Jaskolka.


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Is anyone going to the Cary hamfest next Saturday?  It is a 2 hr 16 min trip.  I am willing to ride-share or drive if someone wants to go.
Rick Fineout, KB2NAT

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The website info on meetings nees to be updated,  Presently it states :
"Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month. Our meetings are held at The Courtyards at Berne Village, 2701 Amhurst Blvd. The club meeting starts at 6:20PM, and is usually over by 8:00. Dinner is served at 6:20 for those who wish, at a cost of $8:00. Anyone wishing to join the club or just find out what it is all about is welcome to attend."
That changed, several months ago.
Al, W8UT

By w8ut

Maybe it's me (not the brightest bulb on the tree) but I am trying to use the repeater list on this website and it doesn't seem to corelate with my previous info...Don't most repeaters have an offset and are the PL Tones accurate...If someone could review them and let me (us ) know, it would be appreciated...
My e mail is
New Bern

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Has anyone responded to this person?  He is correct, the info on the "repeater info" page is woefully incorrect.  Most, if not all, repeaters do have an offset, and many have access tones.  Can someone please update the page?
thanks, 73,
Al, W8UT

By w8ut