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HOA/POA Antennas

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HOA/POA Antennas

What antennas are you using if you are in a condo or restricted area for antennas?  How have they worked for you?  I am thinking of a mag loop and am interested in any reports/experiences anyone has had with these.

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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,
The mag loop is usually only used for rcvg, I think.  <> is a page on one guy's experience, you've probably seen it.  The mag loop is a very narrow band ant., and must be retuned for only a small change of freq., and I think, if used at more than QRP xmtg levels, you can have some high voltages generated with resultant arcing, etc.
Some folks use a mobile type whip antenna, if they have a balcony railing or something like that to mount it.  That would need some sort of counterpoise to act like a ground.  They are also narrow band, and req. tuning, but have been used quite succesfully.  I've used dipole antennas outside motel rooms, but that's not very "stealth" and sometimes raises questions.
 Do you have access to an attic area?  A dipole inside can work pretty well.
(this forum isn't a very active place, but maybe you'll get some other responses.)
Al, W8UT
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