Local Nets

Each night, We have a 2-Meter "Local Rag-Chew Net" @ 8:00 PM (except Saturdays) on the KF4IXW Grantsboro, NC Repeater @ 145.230 MHz  (85.4 tone).

Each Tuesday, We have a 2-Meter "NBARC Net" @ 7:00 PM on the W4EWN New Bern Repeater @ 146.610 MHz (100.0 tone).

2 Meter Band

Local Net FrequencyOffsetToneScheduleTime
SkyWarn - Grifton Repeater 145.685 -600 88.5 Tuesday9:00 PM
Carteret County ARES - Newport Repeater 145.450-600100Tuesday7:30 PM
Craven County Ragchew - Grantsboro Repeater 145.230-60085.4Daily exc Saturday 8:00 PM
Craven County ARES - Grantsboro Repeater 145.230 Alt 146.550 Simplex -60085.4Tuesday7:30 PM
ENC Traffic Net - Grifton Repeater 145.685-60088.5Daily8:30 PM
ENC Emergency Net - Grifton Repeater 145.685 -60088.5Thursday9:00 PM
Onslow ARC Ragchew - Jacksonville Repeater 147.000-60088.5Daily8:00 PM
Onslow County ARES - Jacksonville Repeater 147.000-60088.5
Pamlico County ARES - Oriental Repeater 147.210-60088.5Wednesday7:30 PM
Pamlico County Ragchew - Oriental Repeater 147.210-60088.5Wednesday7:30 PM
Craven County NBARC New Bern Amateur Radio Group Net 146.610100Tuesday7:00 PM

6 Meter Band

Local Net FrequencyOffsetToneScheduleTime
6 Meter Net . 50.200Thursday 8:00 PM

10 Meter Band

Local Net FrequencyOffsetToneScheduleTime
10 Meter Net - Pete'a Swamp Talk Round Table28.463 (USB)Mondays8:15 PM

40 Meter Band

Local Net FrequencyOffsetToneScheduleTime
Jarhead Net 7.228 Saturday8:00 AM
Tar Heel Emergency Net7.232 As Req As Req
Swap and Shop Net 7.240Saturday10:00 AM
Waterway Radio Cruising Club 7.268Daily7:45 AM

80 Meter Band

Local Net FrequencyOffsetToneScheduleTime
NC Morning Traffic Net 3.927 Daily7:45 AM

The Hurricane Watch 3.950As Req As Req

Carolinas Net Late - 10 wpm 3.573Daily 10:00 PM

Carolinas Traffic Net - 25 wpm 3.573Daily 7:00 PM
Carolinas Net Early - 15 wpm 3.573Daily 7:00 PM
Carolina Slow Net - <10 wpm 3.571Daily 8:00 PM
Coastal Carolina Emergency Net 3.907Daily 7:00 PM
NC Evening Traffic Net 3.923Daily 6:30 PM
Tar Heel Emergency Net 3.923Daily 7:30 PM

W1AW - Voice bulletins are broadcast daily at 9:45pm EST on 1.855, 3.990, 7.290, 14.290, 18.160, 21.390, and 28.590 MHz.

In-Person FCC Amateur Radio License Exam This Weekend in New Bern!

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