New Bern Amateur Radio Club, Monthly Meeting, April 5, 2021

Don’t forget the April Meeting of the [NBARC] New Bern Amateur Radio Club THIS MONDAY NIGHT (Always 1st Monday of each Month)  (April 5, 2021) @ 6:30 PM. Come early for dinner at 6 PM. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 PM at Moore’s BBQ in New Bern, NC.
This month we will have New Bern Police Department Communications Officer, Michael Zerby, KO4OWY, and New Bern PD Communications Supervisor, Tom Brubaker as our guest speakers. They will be speaking about the 911 NBPD Emergency call center and operations of the New Bern Police Dept. Office Communications. They will be discussing the type of communications equipment they use and how they handle all NBPD communications traffic. What happens when multiple calls call in? How do so many officers talk at the same time? Daily communications operations of the NBPD? What towers do they use? How do they operate with other organizations? What happens in case of an emergency in the New Bern Area? And many more questions! You’ll be able to ask them about questions you have as well.

Not only is Michael Zerby a communications officer of the New Bern Police Dept. but Michael just got his Ham Radio license this week! Michael has been studying hard to get his license and he will share with us how he got his ticket by taking his test with the Anchorage, Alaska VE online testing website  He passed his test and received his new callsign 10 minutes later! (a record by my book!) Michael says he used the APP on his cell phone to prepare for his test. Michael says he took at least 50 or 60 practice tests using in preparation for his actual test to build his confidence level. He passed his test with flying colors!

So, please come and make our newest Ham AND our Newest Club member, Michael Zerby, KO4OWY, feel welcome and learn about the New Bern Police Dept’s communications operations and emergency call center.  We have had many new club members and licensed Hams recently thanks to Covid so come out and meet all the newbies and make them feel welcomed.
You can see a photo of Michael and keep up with ongoing happenings, events, and posts on the New Bern Amateur Radio Club Facebook Public Page and also the Club’s Private Facebook Group page!  – NBARC Public Free Facebook Page!  – NBARC Private Group Facebook Page! (Must Join to View)  – Our New NBARC Public Webpage!
Also, Dave Warwick, K4DJW, will be bringing another item he calls a “dog-hanger” for show-n-tell that was highlighted in QST recently which helps with ropes and antennas when they go over tree limbs, much like a pulley but made with PVC.  Also, Danny Garris will be bringing the new improved version of the Model: EFHW-7510-2K-Plus, Multiband End-Fed Half-Wave HF Ham Radio Antenna (130 ft long) (No Tuner needed) (Resonant on 75/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m) (2K Watt-Rated)


If you have not paid your $20 dues for 2021 please bring them Monday night or you may mail your check to:

Jim Scheer, W4NLD

NBARC Treasurer
639 Trent Farm Road
New Bern, NC 28562

In-Person FCC Amateur Radio License Exam This Weekend in New Bern!

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